Water, Water Everywhere – An Evening Walk Along the Shores of Lake Ontario

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October 13, 2021


Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds Beginning with the Letter E

….thanks to Lisa Coleman from Our Eyes Open for hosting the Bird Weekly Challenge https://oureyesopen.blog/2021/03/05/bird-weekly-photo-challenge-birds-beginning-with-the-letter-e/

Emus are flightless birds and second in size only to the ostrich. This large bird originates from Australia and forages on seeds and plants. My photos are from the High Park Zoo where two of these magnificent birds reside.

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A Rare Sighting in the City

….but not in High Park

I was very excited when I came across this majestic bird in the pond in High Park this week. Great Blue Herons Great are can be found in High Park and they are one of the largest of the Park’s visitors. Their presence indicates that the water in Grenadier Pond provides food and a habitat where privacy and shallow shorelines are important.

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