Thursday Trios – Gifts from the Mall

….November 25, 2021

We rarely go to the mall. Even here in Canada there are Black Friday Sales and we will probably avoid going to any malls and big box stores on Friday. When I have gone to the mall in the last two weeks it has been relatively quiet so I wasn’t uncomfortable going there to window shop. I have to admit that a lot of my shopping is still done on-line. Yesterday my husband had to step into the mall because his eye doctor has her office there. After his appointment he couldn’t wait to leave and he was out of there like his hair was on fire.

I, on the other hand, like to window shop and take in the Christmas decorations. Here are a few lovely trios of gifts some of which I could never afford to buy.


Thursday Trios from the Art Show

….from the Toronto Art Fair held last weekend at the Congress Centre

Loved seeing the art show come back. It was considerably smaller than the last one we went to in 2019 but there were some great pieces. The first trio sold on the first day all to the same buyer, at $6200. a piece. Well above our pay grade.

These wheat sheafs were used as decorations throughout the show
These miniature sculptures represented the elderly during COVID

Throw Back Thursday, Another Thursday Trios and Past Squares

….thanks to Becky tor hosting Past Squares and ThrowBack Thursday to me for another Thursday Trio

My daughter posted this photo of her and her brother and sister from 38 years ago on our Family Page yesterday. It’s one of my favourite photos. Recently I put together a photo tribute for my Dad’s memorial and I came across this trio of my Dad, Mom and her sister, taken about 30 years ago.


Thursday Trios – Gulls and Stuffies

do you have photos with threes of anything?

Finding photos of singles, duos and even multiple objects is easy but finding trios can be a little more challenging. I’d love to see what you can find in your archives or daily photo journalling trips of trios.


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Trios in the Neighbourhood

….for Thursday Trios I took a walk this morning to see if I could spot some interesting trios


If you’d like to join in just post a photo or two or three or more of anything with threes…..people, animals, birds, flowers, objects, etc.. Your photos can be in black and white or colour, square or oblong. There are no time restrictions. If you’d like me to comment on your post just copy my link and paste it into you post and I will get a pingback. Have fun!

Thursday Trios – Trios at the Art Gallery

join the fun and post your own collection of Trios….any subject as long as there are three in one photo


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Thursday Trios – Autumn Beauties

….I invite anyone with photos of threes of anything to join the fun


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A Prickly Trio

….for Thursday Trios, Sept. 16, 2021


….more indifferent than prickly


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