Macro Monday – March 22, 2021

….tried using my big camera to get some macro shots but only one turned out

I’m having more luck with my Lumix Panasonic camera but when it comes to macro shots it’s been hit or miss. Now I have to admit I was using my zoom lens because I wanted to get some close-up shots of the birds in the park. Next time I’ll try with my macro lens. The other shots were taken with my iPhone.

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Spring Like Weather in March

….but it is officially spring, isn’t it?????

Yes Spring officially begins in March but rarely do we get such nice weather so soon. When March comes in like a lamb it usually leaves like a lion. Now I may have spoken too soon because we still have four days left in March.

This time last year this is what we were experiencing.763308-AF-E29-B-4-FBA-978-A-E904224-B707-B

This past week we’ve had some beautiful spring weather. The buds on the trees are starting to green, the daffodils and crocus are pushing up through the ground and the birds are singing morning and evening. This is what spring looks like in 2020. Fingers crossed that I haven’t jinxed it.58-E80148-34-B6-485-A-BCF5-0-AF29-D9-D2-A29

Awakening the Plants

….thanks to WordPress for this week’s WPC¬†‘awakening’

Here in the northern hemisphere spring arrived a couple of weeks ago but the awakening of new growth has been slow due to the unusually cold weather. Today in Hamilton my granddaughter and I played in the backyard and even though the sun wasn’t out it was mild enough to be outside without hats, scarves and mittens. Miss Winnie loved playing with the puddles of water and digging in the mud and checking out the plants to see if any flowers were forthcoming.


Of course there are a few patches of green sprouts emerging in parts of the garden and if I got close enough I was able to see the beginnings of buds on some of the shrubs. On our walk we also came across a small flock of pigeons in a bird bath…..something they haven’t been able to do in awhile.