Monday Monster – Two for the Price of One

Kevin forgot to send me last week’s monster so I have two to show you today

Both drawings were done on Procreate.

This Week’s Monster


Last week’s monster looks a bit too happy for a Monday morning but not all of Kevin’s monsters are grumpy or mean.

I’m a Fan of…..Seagulls

except when they go after my food

Seagulls are typically known as ‘scavengers of the beach’ and can be quite a nuisance at take-out restaurants and food trucks that are close to the water. The seagulls that I love are the ones close to home where there are no lunches to steal. Sometimes people like to feed them and they can create quite a scene as they dive for food.


Sunday Tree – The Biggest Tree I’ve Ever Seen

….I know there are bigger trees in the world

This Lebanese pine is growing in the middle of the city in Tours, France. It sits on the grounds of the Musée des Beaux Arts. It is so large that some of the lower branches have to be held up with upright logs that have been secured to the ground.

Lens Artist Challenge – Bokeh

…..thanks to Lens Artist Challenge for the Bokeh challenge

Bokeh means blurring and a photo with the main subject in focus and the background blurred is an example of Bokeh.

Today I practised this technique at the gardens of the Chateau Royal in Amboise.