A Photo a Week – Endings

….thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo a Week Challenge

I think I can safely say that winter has come to an end. Here’s proof.IMG-2364

A Photo a Week Challenge – Contrasting Colours

….thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo a Week Challenge

Contrasting colours or complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. They are often used in costumes and uniforms because together the colours really stand out. The following are examples of complementary colours: purple and yellow, red and green and orange and blue.


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Sculptures, Statues and Carvings

….thanks to Cee for hosting the Black and White Photo Challenge

This summer I’ve spent as much time as possible visiting art galleries, museums and gardens. The first group of photos are from the grounds surrounding the McMichael Gallery in Kleinberg. These amazing sculptures were created by Ivan Eyre.P1060604

The next set were taken at the AGO from the Rebecca Belmore show. Rebecca is an  Anishinaabekwe artist who is known for her performance and installation work.



A Day Trip to Hamilton

….Brendan wanted to spend the day with his twin sister and her family

My daughter-in-law hadn’t seen Gaelan’s place in Hamilton so we took another road trip on Wednesday (one day after Niagara Falls). Luckily it’s only a 40 minute drive when traffic isn’t too busy.

Gaelan’s husband Brendan had the BBQ going when we got there and we started our visit with a wonderful lunch of sausages and salads. Soon after we decided to go to the Rock Garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was a gorgeous day and the Rock Garden provided us with shade and cooling waters from the fountains and the waterfall.

We walked through most of the grounds when a dark cloud quickly appeared over head. The same thing had happened the day before when we were in Niagara Falls so we decided we needed to run for cover. We arrived back at the entrance when the clouds opened up but now we had to get to our cars and mine was parked in a lot on the opposite side of the street. My son-in-law graciously offered to drive me over in his car but the moment I stepped out of the car it rained even harder and in that split second I was completely drenched. I drove back to pick up Brendan and Azadeh.

We all returned to Gaelan’s house to dry off and have a cup of coffee before we headed back to Toronto. The worst of the rain had stopped by then. Despite the rain we had a wonderful time. This summer we’ve had to make the best of what Mother Nature has thrown at us. I only remember one summer worse than this one and that was in 1992 when we were building our cottage and living in a tent trailer. It rained every single day that summer and at the end of the summer on my 40th birthday the canvas gave way and the water came in at the foot of our bed.



Lesson 200 – 100 Photographs

…..Carla Sonheim gave us as assignment to go out and shoot 100 photos in the neighbourhood

I love this type of assignment. It gets me out walking and it makes me really look at a my surroundings. Once we took the photos we were to share our favourites. Here are 68 of mine.

Time for a Trip to the Toronto Islands

…..with the temperatures going into summer mode this weekend, there’s no better time

If you haven’t headed up to the cottage this weekend and need a little get away trip,  make your way to the ferry docks this weekend.

photo 1-138 photo 3-120

I would avoid Centre Island, unless you have children and need the amusement park for entertainment. Ward’s Island is a great alternative. It is a residential community where people own their homes but not the land and it’s the largest urban area in North America that has no motorized vehicles other than a few service vans. Most of the homes are tiny and on small lots. It looks very much like a cottage community.

My daughter’s mother-in-law was lucky enough to rent a house for a couple of months when she came back to the city before moving on to her next foreign adventure. On the Mother’s Day weekend we were all invited to her place for a meal. It had always been a dream of hers to own her own house on the island and every year for a number of years she paid a fee to enter a lottery when homes  became available for sale. Needless to say she was never chosen so being able to rent for awhile was the next best option.

photo 4-112 photo 1-130

While we were there we took a walk and enjoyed looking at all the cute homes and emerging gardens. As we continued north we ended on a beach and even though it was still chilly that weekend there were quite a few people walking along the beach and some were sitting on the sand and enjoying a small picnic. photo 1-134 photo 4-109

Our hostess loved living on the island. She was there in the middle of the winter and then again in April and May. Her only source of heating was a gas fire place in the shape of an old fashioned wood burning stove. She was toasty and warm all winter and she loved the solitude and quiet of her neighbourhood. The ferry runs every hour and residents can buy a monthly pass so if they have to make more than one run a day to the mainland it doesn’t cost them an arm and a leg. Most of the time if you’ve forgotten to buy something or have run out of something there’s a web bulletin board and your neighbours come to your aid if they have what you need.



Highlights of My Trip to Ireland

….my most memorable moments

Time Spent With the Irish Cousins


Checking out Dublin With Our Son

IMG_0088 IMG_0109 P1020794 P1020803

Meeting Our Son’s Beautiful Girlfriend

IMG_0093 IMG_0137 P1020792

Our Trip to Westport

P1020767 IMG_0204 P1020776 IMG_0223

Our Day at Howth

P1020801 IMG_0253 IMG_0259 IMG_0249

The Museums, Art Galleries and Beautiful Gardens

P1020750 imageIMG_0154 P1020797IMG_0335 IMG_0338 IMG_0346


Spending Time With My Wonderful Husband

IMG_0090 imageIMG_0095 IMG_0131 IMG_0181


….and Finally, Finding a Good Cup of ‘Coffee’ in Ireland (something we had a hard time finding 9 years ago)

P1020804 IMG_0072