WPC – Scale


scales (plural noun)
  1. the relative size or extent of something:
    “no one foresaw the scale of the disaster” · “everything in the house is on a grand scale”
    synonyms: extent · size · scope · magnitude · dimensions · range · breadth · compass · degree · reach · spread · sweep
    • a ratio of size in a map, model, drawing, or plan:
      “a one-fifth scale model of a seven-story building” · “an Ordnance Survey map on a scale of 1:2500”
      synonyms: ratio · proportion · relative size
    • mathematics
      a system of numerical notation in which the value of a digit depends upon its position in the number, successive positions representing successive powers of a fixed base:
      “the conversion of the number to the binary scale”
    • photography
      the range of exposures over which a photographic material will give an acceptable variation in density.

      This week’s theme for WordPress’ Photo Challenge is scale.fullsizeoutput_7198P1040183IMG_3468fullsizeoutput_7731fullsizeoutput_7751fullsizeoutput_7758IMG_3791

    • This last shot was taken by my son on his way back from Chicago to London. The island at the north end of the shot is Christian Island where our cottage is situated.

Week One – Averaged Over 10,000 Steps a Day

….I’ve owned my Jawbone Up for almost a year

On August 29, 2014 I uploaded my new Jawbone Up to my iPhone and set a walking goal of 10 000 steps a day and 8 hours of sleep a night. I’ve struggled when trying to reach either of these goals throughout the year. I have reached both of them but never consistently and for some reason when I have a good walking day I don’t have a good sleep and visa versa. IMG_5601

Last week when I started writing about my walking goals I started to achieve them. For five days I walked 10 000 steps or more and I averaged 10 500 steps a day. This is the best week I’ve had since getting my tracking device.

My husband came home from the hospital today. I got a phone call at 7:30 this morning from K asking me to pick him up because he was being released. I quickly got dressed and drove to the hospital only to find K still in his bed. He wasn’t even dressed. He was still waiting for the paperwork to be done so that he could be released.

I walked to the other end of the hospital to get myself a coffee and something to eat. When I returned K had decided to get dressed but we still had to wait for final instructions before we could go home.

By the time we left the hospital and picked up K’s pain medications from the drug store it was almost noon and the day had really started to heat up. The dog and I hadn’t been out for our walk but I knew that we wouldn’t get very far in this heat so I waited till this evening to go for our ‘long’ walk.

I’m glad I waited. I had managed to get in almost 5000 steps just watering the garden, doing laundry and going shopping. I knew that to reach 10 000 steps I would have to do the entire length of the park and back again. It was starting to get dark and I notice a sign warning about the coyotes that are in the park so I decided to stay on the walkways that were more frequently used by the public. It was nice changing up the route and seeing different parts of the park. When we finally got home I had added over 6000 more steps for a daily total of 11 100 steps.

Here are a few of the sights we saw on tonight’s walk.

Signs of Summer in My Neighbourhood

…..on my evening walk with Frances

Who says you can only decorate trees at Christmas?

ImageAs we entered the park I noticed a lot of bird activity. It’s clear that there’s a lot of nesting going on. The pond has a pair of resident swans. The female was on a reedy little island in the middle of the pond, probably sitting on her eggs, while the male was enjoying a leisurely evening swim.Image

The shrubs and trees are almost completely green and flowering species are near the end of their blossom cycle.


One of the most obvious signs for me that summer is just around the corner is the reappearance of the boats from the yacht club back in the water.ImageImage

Signs That Winter is Close at Hand

…. the rain finally let up for an hour or so

Plans to go to the cottage were put on hold today because my husband has done something to his arm that keeps him from lifting anything heavy. A quick visit to the clinic this morning confirmed that the pain is probably due a sudden yank on the arm that took place when K walked the dog earlier this week. Doctor’s orders …… no heavy lifting and keep the arm still. So moving the fridge and BBQ at the cottage are definitely out of the question.

While K was at the clinic I decided to get out with Frances. The rain had stopped and she was complaining loudly about not being outside. I put on my scarf and rain jacket, pocketed my camera and phone and fastened Frances into her Buddy Belt. The sky was grey, the wind chilly and my pace was quick. It became very apparent, quickly that winter isn’t far off. I documented the signs with my camera.

Empty slips

At the yacht club….empty boat slips.

As Frances and I walked into the wind the I could feel the odd drop of rain on my face. I had walked farther west than we normally do. I decided to abandon my plan of walking north before heading home and headed east instead. I hadn’t gone very far when I realized that I probably should have made that decision 10 minutes earlier. The drops turned into a drizzle so I started to run, walk, run. Bonus on the exercise front. Thank goodness that I wore my running shoes.

boats in dry dock

It’s a sure sign that winters coming when you see all the boats in dry dock.

By the time I got home the drizzle turned into a steady rain  and shortly after getting inside it started to pour. I guess we can look forward to a few more days of this weather as hurricane Sandy makes its way up the eastern seaboard.

Yacht Club sign

Even the sign looks tired.