WPC – Scale


scales (plural noun)
  1. the relative size or extent of something:
    “no one foresaw the scale of the disaster” · “everything in the house is on a grand scale”
    synonyms: extent · size · scope · magnitude · dimensions · range · breadth · compass · degree · reach · spread · sweep
    • a ratio of size in a map, model, drawing, or plan:
      “a one-fifth scale model of a seven-story building” · “an Ordnance Survey map on a scale of 1:2500”
      synonyms: ratio · proportion · relative size
    • mathematics
      a system of numerical notation in which the value of a digit depends upon its position in the number, successive positions representing successive powers of a fixed base:
      “the conversion of the number to the binary scale”
    • photography
      the range of exposures over which a photographic material will give an acceptable variation in density.

      This week’s theme for WordPress’ Photo Challenge is scale.fullsizeoutput_7198P1040183IMG_3468fullsizeoutput_7731fullsizeoutput_7751fullsizeoutput_7758IMG_3791

    • This last shot was taken by my son on his way back from Chicago to London. The island at the north end of the shot is Christian Island where our cottage is situated.

Finally Changed the Batteries

… and I’m glad I did

As soon as you eat something that you don’t normally eat when you’re trying to lose weight you start to second guess how it’s going to be reflected on the scales. I’ve even had visions of gaining back all my weight because of one or two indiscretions. Silly, right? But those thoughts do go through your head and reason goes out the window.

The good news is that I’ve actually dropped another two pounds for a total of 32 pounds. It’s been a long time coming for these two pounds but the scale is going in the right direction. It also gives me more confidence knowing that the odd small cookie or slice of bread isn’t going to keep the weight from coming off. It may just take longer. It’s a choice I have to make.

Now that the weather is getting colder and the days are shorter I find it more difficult to get out and get in my walks and runs during the week. I’ll figure it out. If I can convince my husband to walk with me after dinner I wouldn’t mind walking when it gets dark.

I’ll continue to go to my yoga class. I might try Bikram yoga again. Now that I’ve lost so much weight I think I might be able to do some of the moves that I found impossible 32 pounds ago.

This would be one of the moves.

Where Do I Stand With My Weight?

.…. the truth be told I don’t know

Two days ago, after the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to face the music and get on the scale. Even though I didn’t overdue it, I certainly wasn’t perfect. I half expected to be up 2 or 3 pounds. If I had stayed the same I would have been delighted.

Normally I weigh myself every morning but for some reason I hadn’t stepped on the scale for over a week. I’m not exactly sure why I changed my routine. When I did finally step on the scale Tuesday morning the display window flashed the message “Lo”. After years of almost daily use the batteries finally decided to die. I opened up the back and removed the 4 double A batteries that had served me so well for such a long time.

The solution of course is simple. Replace the old batteries with new ones. If I had 4 on hand I would have done it right away but all my batteries are at the cottage. Once I’m at work the last thing I think about is stopping at the store on my way home to pick up batteries. My husband can’t even remember to pick up milk and we’ve been without it for two days.

It might be an avoidance strategy on my part. I’ve been back on track since the weekend and people continue to compliment me on my weight loss. I don’t want to gain my weight back and I can’t afford it if I did. I’ve literally gotten rid of all my ‘fat’ clothes. Logically my brain tells me that I should be able to eat more than I have since I started on my weight loss journey and still maintain the weight that I have lost as long as I don’t go overboard.

I’ve been here before. I lose weight, people notice and compliment me, my clothes fit better and I like how I feel. I become complacent and maintain my weight for awhile and then slowly start to gain it back.

There is a big difference this time. I’m not done losing weight. I haven’t met my next goal. I’ve made this journey very public and I don’t want to fail. It’s time to start moving again, drink more water and refocus. Oh… and I guess I need to get out there and buy some new batteries.

Where I’ve been and never want to go back.                                      Where I am today.

Picture taken on the weekend.

My official ‘before’ picture taken in March 2012 just before I started my weight loss journey.