CFFC – Reminds You of Nature’s Beauty

….thanks to Cee for this week’s Fun Foto Challenge


Thursday Trio – A Spiky Trio

….March 24, 2022

A busy week and also very wet but I did manage a walk to the Marina where I came across this trio of teasels. If you have any trios you’d like to share with me just copy my link and paste it into your post. I’ll get a ping back and I’ll be sure to leave a comment. Have fun!

2020 Photo Challenge – Texture

…thanks to Jude for hosting the 2020 Photo Challenge

This month the photo challenge is texture. Jude suggests contrasting smooth with rough and getting in close to really see the textural surfaces of different objects.


January Photo a Day 2013: Something beginning with T

…. tomatoes, teasels, turkey and toadstools

Tomato with a nose.

Tomato with a nose.



Canadian Thanksgiving: Deep frying the turkey.

Canadian Thanksgiving: Deep frying the turkey.



Check out other photos of ‘things that start with T’ at Jeanne’s blog…a nola girl at heart.

Signs That Winter is Close at Hand

…. the rain finally let up for an hour or so

Plans to go to the cottage were put on hold today because my husband has done something to his arm that keeps him from lifting anything heavy. A quick visit to the clinic this morning confirmed that the pain is probably due a sudden yank on the arm that took place when K walked the dog earlier this week. Doctor’s orders …… no heavy lifting and keep the arm still. So moving the fridge and BBQ at the cottage are definitely out of the question.

While K was at the clinic I decided to get out with Frances. The rain had stopped and she was complaining loudly about not being outside. I put on my scarf and rain jacket, pocketed my camera and phone and fastened Frances into her Buddy Belt. The sky was grey, the wind chilly and my pace was quick. It became very apparent, quickly that winter isn’t far off. I documented the signs with my camera.

Empty slips

At the yacht club….empty boat slips.

As Frances and I walked into the wind the I could feel the odd drop of rain on my face. I had walked farther west than we normally do. I decided to abandon my plan of walking north before heading home and headed east instead. I hadn’t gone very far when I realized that I probably should have made that decision 10 minutes earlier. The drops turned into a drizzle so I started to run, walk, run. Bonus on the exercise front. Thank goodness that I wore my running shoes.

boats in dry dock

It’s a sure sign that winters coming when you see all the boats in dry dock.

By the time I got home the drizzle turned into a steady rain  and shortly after getting inside it started to pour. I guess we can look forward to a few more days of this weather as hurricane Sandy makes its way up the eastern seaboard.

Yacht Club sign

Even the sign looks tired.