Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Tricolour

thanks to Sue W and GC for hosting Weekly Prompts https://weeklyprompts.com/2023/04/01/weekly-prompts-colour-challenge-tricolour/

Three heirloom tomatoes
Red, yellow and blue stained glass stepping stone
Yellow, orange and brown basket flower
Red, Pink and White Bouquet
Pink, Gold and Green
Orange, green and white quilt
Pink, Green and Yellow Croton

RDP – Esculent

….thanks to Bushboy for todays Ragtag Daily Prompt of ‘esculent’ https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2022/12/29/ragtag-daily-prompt-thursday-esculent/


FORMALadjective – fit to be eaten

noun – a thing, especially a vegetable, which is fit to be eaten

The fruit of the tomato plant is esculent but the plant is not. With potatoes the roots are esculent but the plant itself is poisonous.

Gourds are not esculent – just decorative
…..even though they look like their cousins, pumpkin and squash
Pumpkins are definitely esculent and not just for Hallowe’en
Beware of fungi – some are esculent but others can be deadly when consumed
My Christmas Trifle was very esculent
…as was our Christmas dinner

Thursday Trios – July 14, 2022

a trio of ripe red tomatoes and three purple cone flowers


If you have any trios to share, I’d love to see them. Simply copy my link and paste it into your post. I will get a pingback and I’ll be sure to comment.

Thursday Trios – September 2, 2021

….trios from my garden


Do you have any trios from your garden? How about a trio of friends or siblings? Anything with three in a photo qualifies as a trio. Join the fun and copy my link and post it into your blog and I’ll be sure to comment (going away for the long weekend so it may not be until next week).

Thursday Trios – It’s Cheaper When You Buy Three

my husband couldn’t resist a bargain

Preserves from the Farmers’ Market
Vine Tomatoes are always the best
Three orange button flowers in my bouquet

If you have photos of trios why not join the fun and don’t worry if you’ve missed posting on Thursday you can post anytime (just like I did). Just copy the link and paste it into your post and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

Thursday Trios – May 13, 2021

….any photo with three objects, animals or people


The last two photos were taken on the same day but thousands of kilometres apart. My son in London, England was very pleased to come across these three Canada Geese goslings in his neighbourhood park (last photo) and I was delighted to come upon a family of Canada Geese on my walk this morning in our neighbourhood park.

If you’d like to join Thursday Trios you have all week to find photos of ‘threes’. Just copy my link and paste it into your post and I’ll get a ping back. Have fun.

Still Enjoying the Bounty from the Garden

….can’t get over the beans….they just keep producing more

I’m pretty sure that we’re done with the beans now but I see lots of cherry tomatoes still on the vines and the beans that didn’t get picked early enough are now providing a lot of seeds for next years garden. Even the pumpkin plant has a couple more small pumpkins on the vine. The three that I picked should make some nice soup and one is definitely going to Winnie when I see her this week (or at least when I see her mother).

A25-E3162-11-CD-43-FF-93-F6-C42-B27-B6-D620 93-A4-B829-6-CC7-4-FAD-8-C62-59-FC7-E436-AD7 C3-B43436-F717-4705-8-E86-85-EB60-BEAAFF

Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Negative Space

thanks to Amy for hosting this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge https://shareandconnect.wordpress.com/

Negative space is the area around the main subject. It is usually empty, subdued, peaceful, calm, and isolated.

EB3-FFDD8-9-F31-49-CD-82-DF-FB38-E88774-A4 A3134230-3-C4-C-4-C70-AE2-C-CFDB283-AF220 5-BF4412-C-0430-41-E1-86-C8-2-A40542-B4481 66-C0-C118-C11-C-4-CFF-919-E-A7-F3-BDC816-C9 5-CE980-DE-8-BC8-40-E8-BD3-D-F1-E8-E647-E185 C41-B108-F-3-EBD-4-B8-A-85-A1-49-BE247880-CA