Macros and Textures on a Wet Day

the New Year has not started out well for long walks

I ventured out into the backyard to see if I could find some interesting textures. It’s quite amazing how green everything is for January. I tried to go for a walk later in the afternoon but it really started to rain very steadily so I turned around and headed back to the house.

I’ve also been trying to rid the house of sweets. Somethings I just can’t bring myself to throw away but luckily many of them are wrapped and I’m less likely to binge on things that I have to unwrap. I love how cellophane reflects light and the candy cane topping has wonderful texture. The foil wrapped candy suggests that the candy inside has texture as well and it doesn’t disappoint.


Six on Saturday – June 26, 2021

thanks to the Propagator for hosting Six on Saturday

There wasn’t much need for watering the garden on Saturday. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and the forecast for the the next seven days is calling for rain pretty much every day.

I spent most of my time dead heading some of the flowers and pulling weeds.

I was delighted to see that the tiger lilies that Dad planted last spring have returned and are now in full bloom.


In the raised beds the lettuce and the kale are thriving but none of the bean seeds or sweet pea seeds sprouted. I’m beginning to think that the deluxe triple mix that I added to the beds was far from deluxe.


I’m happy to see that the tomato plants and the peppers are also thriving in the their containers and that the raspberry canes are starting to produce some fruit. I hope we can enjoy some of the berries before the birds and squirrels feast on them.


On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Start a Garden

…thanks to Cee for hostingĀ Hunt for Joy Challenge

This week’s theme is ‘Start a Garden’. It’s a little too early to start planting here but it was a great day to start prepping the garden. I pulled weeds, raked up dead leaves and plant material and started to turn the soil. We’ve had a fair bit of rain as of late so it made this job somewhat easier to do. I probably put two hours of work in the yard and I may regret it tomorrow. I’m already feeling it in my knees.


I did, however, discover that some plants are coming back on their own. My kale survived the winter and is thriving. Chives always reappear every year but I’m surprised that my container herbs, such as oregano, thyme, andĀ  tarragon have also returned.ABDAFADE-7-EA2-432-E-AAF3-70-AE5-B02-D9-E4