On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Start a Garden

…thanks to Cee for hosting Hunt for Joy Challenge

This week’s theme is ‘Start a Garden’. It’s a little too early to start planting here but it was a great day to start prepping the garden. I pulled weeds, raked up dead leaves and plant material and started to turn the soil. We’ve had a fair bit of rain as of late so it made this job somewhat easier to do. I probably put two hours of work in the yard and I may regret it tomorrow. I’m already feeling it in my knees.


I did, however, discover that some plants are coming back on their own. My kale survived the winter and is thriving. Chives always reappear every year but I’m surprised that my container herbs, such as oregano, thyme, and  tarragon have also returned.ABDAFADE-7-EA2-432-E-AAF3-70-AE5-B02-D9-E4