Tuesday Textures – April 26, 2022

…..more textures found in nature in Tours

Fuzzy and soft
Hard and flaky
Spiky….a deterrent to keep the public off the chairs in the Musée des Beaux Arts in Tours
A contrast of textures…soft and tender to hard and gnarly

Tuesday Textures – April 19, 2022

….Textures from France

A variety of textures on this booby trapped lock from the Musée du Compagnonnage in Tours
Fuzzy Spider from the exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Tours
A variety of textures from this installation piece at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Tours
Ropey art sculpture
Foamy cappuccino on Amboise
Rough and wrinkled cast of a plaster’s hands at the Musée du Compagnonnage in Tours

Tuesday Textures in Art

I love texture in art

I am very much drawn to colour when it comes to art but I also love the use of actual textures. It is very hard not to touch art that uses textural materials. At WAAC there is a show on right now, called Collage and there are several pieces with loads of texture. I’m a big fan of Deniz Seker, Janet Potter, Margaret Rodgers and now Catharina Goldnau.

Janet Potter
Margaret Rodgers – Bread
Deniz Seker

Catharina Goldnau – Cubed 3.2