Walking Squares. – Inflatables – Yes or NO

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As I walk through the neighbourhood I see more and more inflatable Christmas characters popping up on lawns. I can see how children might like them. They are rather whimsical and fun to look at but…..

…this is how it looks when they’re deflated

….many people don’t keep them inflated all the time. I’m not sure if it’s too costly to keep them inflated all day long but when they’re not inflated it looks like someone’s laundry has been strewn all over the front yard.

Waking to a Church Bazaar in the Neighbourhood

….thanks to Becky B or hosting Walking Squares https://beckybofwinchester.com/2022/11/26/walking-squares-26/

It’s that time of year. The Christmas decorations and lights are popping up, the malls are getting busy and our computers are getting a workout with on-line shopping. After a two year absence, churches are opening their doors for annual Christmas Bazaars and Craft Sales. That’s where my walk took me today…..St. Margaret’s Anglican Church.

RDP – Finish

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Last year I was working on Christmas presents that I didn’t show on my blog because I didn’t want the recipients of these to see them. They have long been received so I can now share them with you.

My rooster tea cozy

DoBoy – grandson’s creation. I designed the pattern and sewed him up.

Christmas baking with Winnie
Finished creations

Christmas Baking in March

….I finally got to use all the icing and decorations that I bought in December

Last Christmas our granddaughter from New Brunswick was suppose to come and visit with her Mom and Dad. With the emergence of the new Omicron strain they decided to play it safe and stayed home. In the meantime I went to Bulk Barn and loaded up on icing pouches, sprinkles, mini candies and peanut butter chips because Winnie had requested that we make cookies together.

Last week they finally found some time to visit and they flew to Toronto for four days. Out came the cookie mix, the cookie cutters and all the icing and decorations. It was so much fun until Oma, that’s me, ate the broken hand that fell off the Santa cookie. I was in so much trouble but luckily the trauma passed quickly but I’m not sure that I’ve been completely forgiven. Ouch!


We also got to finally celebrate Gaelan’s 40th birthday in style.


Thursday Trios – December 30, 2021

….happy Birthday to my twins, Gaelan and Brendan ….can’t believe you’re 40

Three generations of Cormiers

If you have photos of trios, join the fun. Post on any day and paste my link into your post.

The Best Christmas Present

after waiting almost two years I finally got to meet my granddaughter

This Christmas was touch and go. As many of you know our sweet Frances had to be put down last week. If that wasn’t bad enough our daughter in New Brunswick, Gaelan, cancelled her trip to Toronto because of the Omicron variant. All the things I had planned to do with Winnie went out the window. I don’t blame them for not coming. Things got complicated with having to put their dog in a kennel and then they had to be back by December 31st because the kennel was closing down for a two week vacation.

That same day we found out the our daughter-in-law had tested positive for COVID so that meant that two more people were not coming to the house for Christmas. Luckily Josie didn’t have to be hospitalized and our daughter Andrea continues to test herself and the results regularly show negative for COVID. In the meantime on the east coast, Gaelan has been testing herself and she kept getting a faint positive result. Fortunately the last couple of tests have come up negative. On Christmas Eve, Kevin and I spent the evening together sans family.

Fingers crossed that Brendan and his family were going to get here from the U.K. Not only was the spread of the variant rampant there but the airlines were starting to cancel flights because they didn’t have the staff to man the flights. On Christmas Day I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that they were on the plane. When they arrived it was raining but seeing my granddaughter for the first time was like a ray of sunshine.


Jet lag is tough for adults but particularly hard on toddlers. On Sevin’s first night she was up at 3:30 am. I normally sleep till 8:00 but I was in and out of sleep till about 7:00 and I finally decided to get up and actually get outside early and catch the sunrise. We all got warmly dressed. At the least the rain had stopped and we got a peak of the sun coming through the clouds. Seeing that we were up we walked over to the playground so that Sevin could explore.


Today it started to snow. We spent the morning playing with Play Dough and Sevin and I filled the bird feeder and watched the birds and squirrels come for breakfast.


We’re hoping to make some video calls to New Brunswick later today and hopefully we’ll be able to see Andrea and Josie in the next few days. Fingers crossed again.