Monsters – A Work in Progress

….or maybe two

The first monster my husband sent me today was titled A Work in Progress. When I asked him if it was unfinished he said it might be but then soon after he sent me a second monster with no title. I am so pleased that he’s enjoying working on his new iPad with Procreate. The goal is to take some of his original paintings and put them into a children’s book. Procreate will help him with backgrounds and give his paintings that finished look that you need for publishing your work.

Here are the two latest monsters.


Monster Monday – Using Procreate

….a new twist on Monster Monday

My husband is getting very serious about producing a children’s book using his monster drawings. To help him with his backgrounds and clean-up his paintings, he’s invested in a new iPad Pro and purchased Procreate.

Procreate is a wonderful program used for drawing and painting. There’s a steep learning curve for those of us who have never used a program like this before but Kevin is working on it every day. Here is his first Monster Monday using Procreate.