Weekly Prompts – Weekend Challenge – Arches

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I’m a full week late with this one but when I went back to this challenge I realized that I had some great ‘arches’ from our vacation in France and London, England.

Cathedral in Paris, France
Arched entrance to the Chateau Royal in Amboise, France
Arched exits at the Amboise Chateau Royal, France
Arches in one of the main exhibition rooms in the V&A, London
Arched or barrel ceiling over the staircase in the V&A, London
From the cafeteria in the V&A, London

Midweek Monochrome Photo Challenge – #90

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St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Two of Anything

thanks Cee for hosting CBWC https://ceenphotography.com/2022/05/26/cbwc-two-of-anything/comment-page-1/#comment-321218

Two medieval homes in Tours, France
Two sculpted hands in museum in Tours, France
Father daughter duo at the Chateau Royal in Amboise
Two sculpted figures in the gardens at Chateau Royal in Bois
White tulips from the Curve Garden in London
Two gulls
Two gulls and two ducks

Monday Window – More Windows from France

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Windows in Paris
More Windows in Paris
City Hall in Tours
Windows at the back of the cathedral in Tours
Looking out a window at the Musée de Beaux Arts in Tours
Musée de Beaux Arts from the outside
View of the windows from above at Chateau Royal in Amboise
A house built in the side of a cliff in Amboise
Side view of the Chateau Royal in Bois
View from inside looking out at the Chateau Royal Bois
View of Bois from the lookout at the Chateau Royal
Windows outside the Modern Art Museum in Tours

Thursday Doors in Highbury

….close to our flat in London

Across from Highbury Fields stands a row of beautiful flats with colourful doors, some ornately trimmed and many of them have some kind of knocker on them. Some of them have the traditional lion and the more modern doors are adorned with shiny and sleek designs. The ones that I found most interesting were the dolphin door knockers.

Thanks to Dan for hosting Thursday doors over at No Facilities. https://nofacilities.com/2022/04/28/cheney-brothers-silk-mill-1/´

Thursday Trios From My Travels – April 28, 2022

A trio of flags at the V &A
A trio of church steeples in Blois

A trio of sculptures by Yin Xiuzhen at the Tate Modern in London

If you have any trios you’d like to share just copy the link from this post, copy it into your post and when I get your ping back I will be sure to comment.

Gargoyles in France

…..they’re everywhere…..on and in churches and castles

Did you know that gargoyles are more than decorative motifs on the sides of buildings? Most serve a very practical function.

Gargoyles are designed to allow rainwater to run off from the roof, usually through the mouth of the creature, man or animal that it is fashioned after. They were the precursor to gutters and rain spouts.

Historians also say that gargoyles were designed to protect a location and the people therein from negativity and unwanted spirits.

From the Cathedral in Tours
From the Château Royal in Amboise
From the Château in Blois

Castles in France – Part 3

….a visit to Blois to see Chateau Royal de Blois

The interesting part of this castle is that it has four wings from four different eras and in four different styles, arranged around the same courtyard.

From the Outside

On the right side is the original medieval château built by the Counts of Blois beginning in the 9th century

Inside the Courtyard

This is the Louis XII wing built the Flamboyant Gothic style between 1498 and 1508
The Francois 1 wing was built in 1515 to 1519 inspired by the Italian Renaissance
The Gaston of Orléans wing was constructed between 1635 and 1638. This wing was one of the first masterpieces of Classic French architecture

Inside the Château

Decorations over one of the two fireplaces in the King’s room
A throne with a fleur-de-lis canopy is where audiences were ranted by the king
The music room
The Queen’s Chamber dedicated to Queen Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henri II
The Oratory, a private space for prayer
The Estates General Room built in 1214 and used as a courtroom
One of many fireplaces found in almost every room
The vestibule of Gaston of Orléans giant construction project which was brought to a sudden stop

The wing remained an empty shell covered by an impressive oval dome…..the wing now houses temporary exhibition rooms

In the next post I will share the gardens and the views from the château.