Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Window With a View

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Over Italy


In Assisi


From Lucy’s point of view


From our apartment in Rome


Skylights – Day 4 of January Squares

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Over at the mall a lot of natural daylight comes through the amazing skylights over the stores, especially in the new additions that were recently completed. This skylight is one of the original ones that went in during the last major renovation about 20 years ago. 3e918b87-a531-483f-b1d9-188f3ad9ff54.jpeg

Looking Up – Day 2 of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

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Today I decided to play with the camera on my iPhone. I went to the mall to return a Christmas gift for my father and I noticed that if you look up there are some very interesting designs on the walls above the stores. I was more interested in the patterns and designs than the store names but you might recognize some of retail establishments in my montage of photos.B1-F5-E2-D2-46-A2-4433-94-B9-DAE8-B3419-A83

Monday Windows – Exploring the Older Neighbourhood

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Today I wandered into some parts of my neighbourhood that I’ve never explored before. I’ve lived here for over 41 years but there are streets further east towards Mimico that have eluded me. Today the conditions were perfect for walking.

Many of the homes that I saw today are close to a hundred years old and are need of some TLC but the charm and original beauty came through the blistered paint and rusty eaves. Others were in great shape and some were replaced with new and more modern structures.

Some of the newer places were meant to look old but many were very modern with large windows and simple lines.

Monday Window – November 25, 2019

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All these window shots were taken inside Montgomery’s Inn. It is one of many Toronto Historical Museums and the one that I volunteer at two days a week.