A Photo a Week Challenge – Over a Hundred Years Old

…thanks to Nancy Merrill for hosting A Photo A Week Challenge

If my grandparents were still alive they would have been over 100 years old…..IMG_1182IMG_1181

….and my great, great grandfather (over 160 years ago) and his mother (over 200 years ago). In fact, the next two photos are over a hundred years old.IMG_3804


Here in Canada this church is considered old. It was built before Canada became a country in 1867.


Monday Window – February 10, 2020

…thanks to Ludwig for hosting Monday Window

In my daughter’s neighbourhood in Hamilton there is a wonderful selection of old vs new windows. Some of these windows were originally an old school and the addition on top is home to new condos. 7B19C030-AE11-4AEB-84D3-7DC971BD1572E6FE464B-D218-4D10-AB07-EF9C134F75F11458C869-122A-4BDA-AA43-B18D4C12D5917320191F-2487-4411-88BC-5A83CA7D0294CD2EC604-704E-4540-926B-EE1C6CAF29C329FEAF60-4050-4A6A-A1A5-0217C1F5DF54