Sculpture Saturday – February 26, 2022

This cute little sculpture sits outside the Welcome Centre at Humber College, South Campus. It is in honour of the residents who lived in the buildings when they were part of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

When the hospital opened in the late 1800s, it was considered a progressive institution; patients actively tended the grounds, worked on an on-site farm and assisted in operating the facility. The apple orchard that lines the path to the A and B buildings is lasting evidence of the patients’ work.

The hospital closed in 1979 and when Humber College signed a 99 year lease they agreed to preserve the grounds and the buildings. The old buildings were restored to their original beauty and turned into classrooms and administrative offices.


Sculpture Saturday – Taking in Art at the AGO Before the Lockdown

last Tuesday, Brendan, Sevin and I decided to go to the AGO

When I booked the tickets I knew that Tuesday would be the last day before another lockdown here in Ontario. Frankly I was quite surprised at how many people had the same idea, especially since it was a Tuesday and many people were back to work, mostly remotely, but none the less there was a bit of a line-up to get in even with timed tickets.

I really wanted to see Picasso’s Blue Period but Sevin was not really into this show so we walked through quickly. Hopefully I can go back when the lockdown is lifted.


One of my favourite areas of the AGO is the Galleria Italia with its floor to ceiling windows and beautiful wooden arched beams. I thought Sevin would enjoy this more and of course she found a seat to sit in right away. Since COVID the cafe in the galleria is closed and the tables have been removed. In its place a number of bronze sculptures are prominently displayed.

Sunbird II by Soral Etrog, 1962
Andrieu D’Andres by Auguste Rodin, 1888-89
Eustache de Saint-Pierre by Auguste Rodin, 1887
Fisher-boy Dancing the Tarantella by Francisique-Joseph Duret, 1883

Sculpture Saturday – December 4, 2021

On our recent trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake we stopped in at 13th Street Winery to sample some wine and enjoy the art gallery there. Even though the temperatures were chilly, there were fires pits going and people were sitting around them in comfy chairs to sample the wares of this winery. There’s a bakery attached that has the region’s best butter tarts. We wimped out and sampled our wine indoors.

After purchasing wine for Christmas and putting together a gift box of wine and goodies for a very special couple we headed over to the art gallery. On our way we passed several beautiful and interesting sculptures.


Sculpture Saturday – September 25, 2021

….sculptures from the Sculpture Garden at the McMichael Gallery

Andrea petting the ears of this wolf sculpture.

Mary Anne Barkhouse (born 1961) and Michael Belmore (born 1971), lichen, 1998
In this work, the artists address issues of nature versus culture. The role of wolves in this setting is symbolic. They are positioned like silent sentinels.


The following sculptures are all part of the Sculpture Garden which was established in 2011. The nine sculptures, donated by well known Canadian artist Ivan Eyre, is part of the McMichael’s permanent collection. Eyre is perhaps best known for his large landscapes and mythological paintings.


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Sculpture Saturday – August 14, 2021

….behind city hall, a most unusual spot for such a dignified politician

Finding places to sit down when you’re in downtown Toronto can still be a little difficult even after things have opened up a bit more. There’s also a ton of construction going on and lots of areas are fenced off. Yesterday, my daughter and I found ourselves smack in the middle of town and we were looking for a place to drink our coffee while we waited for a take-out meal to be prepared.

Andrea knew that behind city hall there were some benches where we could sit for twenty minutes while we waited for our lunch. To my surprise we came across a huge statue of Winston Churchill.


As you can see, there is a lot of construction going on in the street next to the statue.

Thanks to SMKelly from No Fixed Plans for hosting Sculpture Saturday,

Sculpture Saturday – July 24, 2021

thanks to SMKelly for hosting Sculpture Saturday

Outside Creelman Hall at the University of Guelph. The university was originally an agricultural school and to this day it still offers courses in farming and animal husbandry. This metal sculpture of a tractor with a farmer in the driver’s seat is new to me and my husband. I studied Family Studies here and met Kevin some 48 years ago through a friend who lived next door to me.


Sculpture Saturday – May 22, 2021

….found a new park in south Mississauga to wander through

This is where I found The Peace Stone, Richard’s Memorial Park in Port Credit.


Thanks to SM Kelly from No Fixed Plans for hosting Sculpture Saturday

Garden Sculptures

….thanks to Kelly from No Fixed Plans for hosting Sculpture Saturday

Interesting sculptures found in my neighbourhood’s gardens.


Sculpture Saturday – April 24, 2021

thanks to Kelly over at No Fixed Plans for hosting Sculpture Saturday,

These sculptures were in the yard of a private home next to the Grimsby Park by Grimsby Beach. The nautical theme was perfect considering that the property went right down to Lake Ontario.