Monday Murals – June 7, 2021

…..a new perspective of some old favourites

Funny when I took these shots last week I thought they looked refinished. Somehow they seemed brighter and even new but when I checked a previous Monday Mural they were the same ones. These photos, however, are from a slightly different perspective. Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic because the building they’ve been painted on has been sold and there’s a chance that it may come down. That of course means that these iconic murals will be lost forever.


Thanks to Sami for hosting Monday Murals

My First Gallery Show

… all happened so quickly

Last week I was informed that I had won a membership to the Women’s Art Association of Canada (WAAC) and when I went for a tour they asked me if I had a painting to submit for their New Members Art Show. The theme was ‘flowers’ and I knew that I had at least one painting that would fit the bill. I submitted the painting on Monday and the opening happened today.

When I arrived downtown I was greeted by three friends outside the gallery. They were very excited for me and I was touched that they wanted to be there. It’s not a huge show but the work was beautifully curated. I met some of the members and was made to feel very welcome. Here is my submission: Floral Abundance


Here are a few more pieces from some of the artists who are members of the WAAC. I really liked the teapot but it was already sold.IMG_2556