Friday Was Squirrel Appreciation Day

….sorry that I’m a day late

It’s no secret that my husband is not a fan of squirrels but he isn’t completely heartless. Back in October of last year he heard this strange noise coming from the outside of the house. It was heart wrenching to hear because it was clearly an animal in distress. He quickly ascertained that the noise was coming from the downspout. Somehow a squirrel had managed to get stuck.

Kevin quickly removed the bend in the spout and lo and behold a tail popped out. There was no doubt that it was a squirrel but even after removing the extra bit of downspout the little fellow was still stuck. I suggested that he get some gloves on and gently pull on the tail. Unfortunately in doing so the tip of the tail came off. We knew that we couldn’t leave him like that so Kevin grabbed the tail higher up and pulled again. This time he was able to free the squirrel. You never saw a squirrel move so fast.

Over the next few months we’ve kept our eyes out for Stubby (Kevin even named this squirrel) and we knew he was okay when we saw him around the bird feeder. I’m glad to report that the tip of the tail is growing back.


In honour of Squirrel Appreciation Day, Kevin has painted a picture of Stubby.


Child’s Play 1

….adding to Sevin’s watercolours

After my granddaughter and her family went back to London, England, I discovered that they left behind a number of things, like toys, gloves, snacks and Sevin’s artwork. We had already taken our favourite piece and framed it but there were five more left behind. Rather than throw them away I decided to take them and add marks with black and white ink. Here is the first one that I worked on.

Some of the pieces that were left behind
After I added white and black marks with ink

Sarah and Duck

….replaces Sesame Street

When my kids were little they were allowed to watch Sesame Street. Not only was it educational but it also gave me a bit of time to myself while the kids were entertained. Things are not much different today except that there is way more variety and kids’ shows can be viewed on tablets and phones as well as TVs.

Now that our granddaughter from England is here visiting us we have discovered that she loves Peppa Pig (as did her older cousin at the same age) and Sarah and Duck. Whenever she gets a bit cranky, out comes the phone with the downloaded episodes that Mama and Papa preloaded before they arrived.

Last week when the family went out for a walk, Kevin went to his drawing table and drew Sarah and Duck and pasted it to the front door. When she returned home this is what she found.


A Trio of Shoppers for Thursday Trios

thanks to my husband, Kevin for painting this delightful trio


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