Warming Up With Sketchbook Revival – Day 2

….I’m not committing to doing the art each day but today’s lessons intrigued me and helped me warm up for my next painting

Today’s lessons were both focused on creating art around a blob of colour. Koosje Koene gave the first lesson using watercolour and Mike Lowery used markers. Both were fun to do and got me ready to paint on my next painting for my solo show in May.


The Simplist Things Challenge – Day 5 and Beyond

thanks to Amy Maricle for getting my hands moving again

I continue to fill up my little handmade art journal with slow drawing mark making. Sometimes I start with splotches of watercolour or I glue down some interesting pieces of collage or previous squares of slow drawing exercises. I’m enjoying the process and hope to fill in my journal in the next couple of weeks.


TGIFFF – Tonguely Stole a Tractor

….March 25, 2022

Last weekend we were worried that Tonguely might get into some more trouble at College Royal at the University of Guelph. Well we were right. After making a few new friends he managed to go joy riding in a tractor.