Happy Valentine’s Day

wanted to share my special card from my husband


He was a busy guy last week because he made a card for each of the five grandkids.

34-A25904-B009-4-E35-8-F4-C-5877257-B3-D6-B E3243-A25-9-F26-4-F8-D-9-DB3-C97075-D92823-1-201-a 26-EADE21-EC9-D-474-B-B492-96-B49-C49324-C-1-201-a 9121-C5-C9-F43-B-4-B0-F-8-BFA-03208-CD17-ED6-1-201-a 67-B14-EA2-779-E-44-BE-B3-D0-E3-F79-B369021

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