Tea Biscuits and Doodles

….trying to keep busy and watch less TV

My husband finally got bored watching TV and felt well enough to play in the kitchen. For some reason he’s had a craving for tea biscuits so he started to research for a recipe where we had all the ingredients. I haven’t made biscuits in a long time but I do remember that they were pretty basic with simple ingredients. It’s amazing how many variations of tea biscuits there are out there. Some called for evaporated milk and lemon soda pop and of course there are all kinds of add ons like raisin and cranberries.

We finally decided on a classic recipe. My husband also made his own clotted cream and we had a wonderful afternoon tea break with hot biscuits and cream. The only thing missing were the fresh berries to go on top.11-B17042-A48-F-4028-ABAF-7-E15-D9-BEE793

Later in the evening I went on the internet and found a new site hosted by Mo Willems, the children’s book author and illustrator. It is very much geared to children but I enjoyed his show ‘Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems”. Check it out if you like to doodle and/or if you have children who like his books. He demonstrates how to draw Pigeon, Piggy and Elephant.

Back to Drawing – Days 16, 17, and 18 of the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

….thanks to Rainee for introducing me to the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

Lesson two of 2020: Words and Pictures was taught by a new instructor, Martha Rich. Our assignment is to draw or doodle a page of thoughts and pictures of things we hear and see. We are suppose to use a black brush pen and just go for it. It’s not the quality of the work that matters here but the quantity. Once I got over the insecurity of drawing without being able to erase and using such a bold marker I started to enjoy the process. Here are the first four pages from my sketch book.7B3DD4E9-CA64-474D-B657-63285C074D0C81373661-A749-4ECF-848E-A3CE4C936CFD1E654587-5BE6-4537-BC1D-8F7470671917997CB484-856A-4000-A65D-2E4D668101EA

Random Word Doodle #1

….a lesson from Sketchbook Revival

Discovered a fun app from this lesson called Random Word Doodle. It is described as a creative exercise for the lazy brain. You select one word or  a combination of two words, grab a pen and for 10 minutes draw or doodle what comes to mind. You’re encouraged to make mistakes and learn new words. Here is my drawing from Sketchbook Revival lesson. The words were ‘impossible jar’. Here is what I came up with.IMG-2227

365 Days of Art – Squiggly and Relaxing

….day 87

Carla Sonheim’s prompt today was to create a design using lines or just doodling. This is just what I needed today. It was fun and relaxing. All three pieces were done in one of my many art journals. The first one took the longest but the other two were done very quickly.


A Week of Art

….. I didn’t do much else but I did  fill up one sketch book and am pretty close to filling a second one

Please don’t think that I filled up two new sketchbooks. My goal is to go back to older books and fill in the empty pages. The first book that I filled up was a small book to begin with and had only 8 pages left in it. On three of those pages I made journal notes.

In my second sketchbook, I’ve done more doodles, line drawings and portrait sketches.

Even though I’m on holidays my mind is never far from my next lesson at school. Before the break I started teaching the children how to make a simple 3D house out of paper. After folding the paper the children were encouraged to draw windows, doors, lights, numbers and any other details they wanted on their house. The last step is to apply watercolour and add more black line detail. While home I decided to finish the front and two sides of my sample.

So that was pretty much my week. Today we’re going to see the travel agent and book our flights to Italy this summer. So exciting!!!!!!!!