365 Days of Art – Quick Flower Sketches

…..days 111 to 113

I made these in my sketch book and I’m wishing I had done them on watercolour paper or used one of my sketch books with heavier paper. I also discovered that the black marker that I used bled a little when I added the watercolour but it is what it is and it’s all a learning experience.fullsizeoutput_6f87

365 Days of Art – Adding Colour and Collage

…..days 109 and 110

Once again I went back to one of my sketchbooks and added colour to one of my one-line drawings of cats and I added some collage detail. For the collage I spent some time creating some colourful art papers with oil pastels and then cut out droplet shapes. On the blank page in front of the cats I created collage piece using this paper.


Mythical Beast and Spooky Tree

…days 98 and 99 of the 365 Days of Art

Over the last two days I’ve gone back to my 500 Daily Drawing Prompts journal to create two more sketches. The first one I did was the spooky tree which was fun to do but I feel like I relied too heavily on an image I found on Google. The second sketch, the mythical beast, was my own creation. I did search the web for some ideas and came up with this flying serpent.IMG_2207

Playing With Complementary Colours

….day 97 of 365 Days of Art

A couple of days ago I was watching a video on YouTube on how complementary colours ‘vibrate’ when placed next to each other. Jean Lurssen does a series of watercolour videos with exercises that help the painter loosen up and experiment with a number of different techniques. Check her out.