365 Days of Art – Playing with Lines and Tools

….Days 169 and 170

I’m taking a new course through Carla Sonheim called Translating Landscapes. Our instructor is Anita Lehmann and her first lesson is all about mark making, experimenting with different tools and mediums (ink, pastels, charcoal, pencil) and responding to music. She encourages us to be messy, free and loose. It’s a lot of fun.

Here are my studies of lines using a variety of tools and inks and charcoals.fullsizeoutput-7519

When I turned on the music I also used pressed pastels and walnut ink along with the black ink, charcoal and pencil.


365 Days of Art – Yellow

….day 90

A few days ago Carla Sonheim posted a prompt. It was a quote from the artist Pierre Bonnard. I have to admit that I had never heard of him before but he managed to make a living from his art in the early 1900s right up to the 1940s while living in France.

The quote was “One cannot have too much yellow”.

I decided to take a page of one-liner drawings and add some colour with paint and collage. I painted the background with yellow watercolours and then I cut up paper to add texture and visual interest to the flowers. After that I took markers and conte pencils and added more lines and squiggly detail.IMG_1448

365 Days of Art – Ramblin Rosie

…..day 49

I was inspired to do another collage character today. My granddaughter seemed to really like my first one so I decided to try my hand at another one. This time a dog came forward when I started to lay out my random pieces of paper. Then I decided that the dog could be running so I made the ears fly back and the leash would also be sans owner and flying in the wind as well. Here is the process that I went through before committing to my final picture.

For my final draft I added a tongue and some line detail around the eyes.


Dali and Doodles

….I finally sat down to draw some Dali portraits

I was hoping that taking my time would produce some pretty good likenesses of Salvador Dali. I worked from two different photographs and my finished sketches don’t even look like the same person. The second piece looks more like an Asian man.

The second part of this project is to add some doodles to the background. This is suppose to be done while watching TV or talking on the phone.

While listening to the radio I added colour to these two sketches. It was very relaxing and I really liked the process.




Starry Nights in Oil Pastel and Watercolour

….children in grades one, two and three create their own version of Van Gogh’s Starry, Starry Night

Once again I was inspired by Carla Sonheim’s Free Kids Online Art Classes. In week two Diane Culhane introduced the kids to a crayon resist night sky.

The children loved how the watercolour brought up the crayon designs, especially the white marks. They also loved sprinkling salt over their creations. The concept of cutting out a black silhouette of a city or country skyline was a bit more challenging, especially for the grade ones. Here’s a collection of paintings created by my grade two class.

Finger Painting Brings Out the Child in Me

…thanks to Carla’s recent on-line mini class in finger painting 

Using only your hands to paint is very liberating. I loved the simplicity of it and the feel of the paint on my fingers. I’m hoping to do more and I haven’t even tackled the third assignment that let’s you get really messy.IMG_6208

The first assignment was to create a palette of colours using your fingers to mix the paint and apply them to the paper. The second part was to paint a vase of flowers but I decided to use two of my photographs that I recently posted and try to recreate them with this finger painting technique. Jill Kuhn actually gave me the idea after she commented on the first photo, suggesting that I paint it with watercolours. Instead, I used acrylics and my fingers. What do you think?

IMG_6169 IMG_6214