Doodle Art – Stage One

….day 119 of the 365 Days of Art challenge

The next project will probably take three days to complete. The first stage was to draw a large doodle onto a large piece of paper without looking at the paper and then do another one but use my non-dominant hand while looking at the paper. Stage two is to take acrylic paint and start painting both papers at the same time. After the paint has dried than you go onto stage three and add line detail with black and white pens.

Here is stage one:


365 Days of Art – Enhancing My One-liners

… 75

Back in January, Carla Sonheim gave us an assignment to create multiple one-liners of birds, cats, flowers, houses or anything that tickled our fancy. I started them in a brand new sketch book and I’ve done some things since that I’m quite proud of. The one-liners, however, didn’t thrill me. On the first page I had drawn five different birds and every time I open the book that is the first thing I see. Today I decided to enhance or edit those birds. I should have taken a photo of the whole page before I made the changes but I didn’t. Going back through my photographs I did find one of the birds from a similar page. Here it is:


I’m much happier with my new rendition.


Grade 2s Loved the Portrait and Doodle Assignment

….my grade two class always embraces my lessons and can’t wait to start

This is the same assignment that I gave to my grade one classes but I asked the grade 2s to add some colourful doodles around their portraits. Dali, Picasso and Warhol never looked better.

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Dali and Doodles

….I finally sat down to draw some Dali portraits

I was hoping that taking my time would produce some pretty good likenesses of Salvador Dali. I worked from two different photographs and my finished sketches don’t even look like the same person. The second piece looks more like an Asian man.

The second part of this project is to add some doodles to the background. This is suppose to be done while watching TV or talking on the phone.

While listening to the radio I added colour to these two sketches. It was very relaxing and I really liked the process.