365 Days of Art – Quick Flower Sketches

…..days 111 to 113

I made these in my sketch book and I’m wishing I had done them on watercolour paper or used one of my sketch books with heavier paper. I also discovered that the black marker that I used bled a little when I added the watercolour but it is what it is and it’s all a learning experience.fullsizeoutput_6f87

365 Days of Art – Back to Simpler Times

…..days 85 and 86

I’ve decided to go back to my sketch books and rework some old pieces and draw at least one new piece each day. This way I keep my hand moving and working on my drawing skills at the same time.

The first piece is one of the collages that I made with my two year old granddaughter. I added some line detail. I’m not sure that I’m done with it but it was very relaxing and therapeutic at the same time. The second piece is a sketch of my walking shoe that I was literally wearing when I sketched it.


365 Days of Art – Day 56

….getting papers ready for my¬†Inspired by Lives and Letters¬†class

Lendon Noe has encouraged us to make some art papers using inks, watercolour paper and tissue to use in future projects. I mixed up my walnut crystals to make walnut coloured ink and I experimented with purple and red ink.


The next step is to cut up these papers into squares and rectangles.

On the white tissue paper I used three different techniques. One was crumpling up the paper and dipping it into ink. Using red ink gives it the appearance of blood (not sure if that was a wise choice). The second technique involved folding the paper multiple times until it couldn’t be folded anymore and then dipping the edges into ink. The last method involved folding the paper like a fan and then running a water soluble ink pen down over the folds. All these techniques involved spraying the paper with some water. Not too much or the paper falls apart.


365 Days of Art – Unconventional

….day 51 uses unconventional art tools

Tuesday’s prompt from Carla Sonheim was to create a piece of art using unconventional tools. I chose to use a toilet paper roll, a chop stick and a wooden skewer.


On a piece of heavy watercolour paper I placed the toilet paper roll upright and dropped a small amount of two or three acrylic paint colours and some white down the middle of the tube. I also surrounded the tube with some white paint as well. Then the fun begins. You start moving the tube around and the paints mix to create an almost marbled effect. If I try this again I’d use less paint and have three or four tubes on the paper in different locations.

When the paint dried I put a dollop of black ink on random areas on the painting and then using the chopstick and the skewer I moved the ink around to add some visual interest to the piece.

Here’s the final creation.


365 Days of Art – Text Pages

…..day 33

Today’s class with Carla Sonheim was to create art papers using text. I enjoyed this process. I used watercolour paper and a variety of pens and ink to create these papers. I found a couple of poems in my Roald Dahl Treasury and I copied them onto some of the sheets. The idea is to fill the paper with words and try not to leave too much white space. I plan to use some of these in my next collage assignment.