Needle and Thread

the name of my new series of paintings for my solo show

The Joy of Making is the name of my solo show in May. I not only wanted to highlight my love of painting and making art but I also wanted to pay tribute to my family’s talents and the things that my Mom taught me when I was younger. From a very young age my Mom taught me how to make doll clothes with hand stitching and later how to use a sewing machine. She also taught me how to mend socks and sew on buttons.

As I got older I taught Family Studies and taught 11 to 13 year olds how to cook and sew. They learned how to embroider, quilt and sew clothes. I continued to learn and practise other needle crafts such as knitting, cross stitch, weaving, basketmaking and more. In my 50s I learned how to use watercolour and later I ventured into abstract painting using acrylics and collage.

Here are the first three pieces of my Needle and Thread series.

Mending a Broken Heart
Those ‘Darn’ Holes
Mom’s Button Box

8 thoughts on “Needle and Thread

    • I haven’t yet decided on the price. Last year I sold painting of a similar size for $100.00 framed but these took a bit longer because of the hand stitching. I’ll let you know when I decide.


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