Day 14 of My Daily Art Challenge for March

….bringing you up to date

After struggling with my two larger paintings I’ve finally found a solutions that I’m happy with. Originally I wanted to do something in the colours of the Ukrainian flag but it just wasn’t working for me.


Then I decided to paint over the entire two pieces with white and blue. I kept adding more paint and again I wasn’t happy.


Finally I covered most of the paper with white and then I cut up the paper into 4 smaller pieces. I added marks to start my intuitive process and then I began to lay down colour.


I’m already starting to feel better and two of the four pieces are started.


One piece is almost done. The one below is probably 90% finished but I’m going to give it another day or so before I declare it ready for framing. It already looks quite a bit different from what you’re seeing.

Remember this is not the finished piece.


Day 8 – Painting Over and Trying Again

….to post or not to post

When a piece of art doesn’t work do you own up to it and post it anyway? Since I’m on this Daily Art Challenge for March I feel like I’m being dishonest when I don’t talk about my failed pieces. I seem to be in a rut right now. Nothing I do seems to work. I’ve painted over this one piece now three times. If it doesn’t work this time I think I need to start fresh and put this piece aside.

I wanted to paint using bright and cheery colours but it just didn’t work for me. I’m better off painting intuitively. Here is where it started and how I repainted over it this morning. No guarantees that this is going to work.


Wishing the World Peace and Harmony

….difficult to paint when I’m seeing so many negative images on TV

I continue make art every day but on Day 6 of my March Art Challenge I needed some positive symbols of peace. For my warm-up activity I found these Chinese characters of Peace and Harmony.


One Down, Nine to Go

….this painting took an unexpected turn

I knew that the painting that I started two days ago needed some changes but it changed drastically and now it’s almost unrecognizable from the original. I’m actually very happy with it and it will probably end up in my solo show at the end of June.