Back to Painting – January 6, 2021

….a little drawing, some colouring and back to watercolours

After making my line drawing yesterday I was in the mood to get out the watercolours and ink and make another abstract floral on paper. I do get a lot of satisfaction from this style of art and will probably make more.


Orange Blooms

Day 12 of Creativity Challenge

…thanks to Rainee for connecting me with the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

Today I finally got around to starting my first assignment for the year long on-line course called 2020: Words and Pictures. Carla Sonheim’s first lesson was taking a phrase and creating at least three different art pieces using any medium we wanted. The phrase is:

‘This might be impossible to read but it was fun to make.’

I kept writing the phrase from the centre of a circle and just kept going and going, around and around. In the end I decided to add some collage detail and write the phrase one more time. 4412CB23-9DDF-458F-B59C-F752A23C0355_1_201_a

Random Word Doodle #1

….a lesson from Sketchbook Revival

Discovered a fun app from this lesson called Random Word Doodle. It is described as a creative exercise for the lazy brain. You select one word or  a combination of two words, grab a pen and for 10 minutes draw or doodle what comes to mind. You’re encouraged to make mistakes and learn new words. Here is my drawing from Sketchbook Revival lesson. The words were ‘impossible jar’. Here is what I came up with.IMG-2227