30 Day at Home Challenge – Day 12

….thanks to Leanne Cole for hosting the 30 Day at Home Challenge

On day 12 the challenge is to find something abstract at home. I have lots of abstract paintings but I thought that was too simplistic so I chose one abstract painting and two objects with interesting patterns.0031-D241-CDA7-441-C-A757-EA69684695-B6-1-201-a

Day 12 of Creativity Challenge

…thanks to Rainee for connecting me with the 30 Day Creativity Challenge

Today I finally got around to starting my first assignment for the year long on-line course called 2020: Words and Pictures. Carla Sonheim’s first lesson was taking a phrase and creating at least three different art pieces using any medium we wanted. The phrase is:

‘This might be impossible to read but it was fun to make.’

I kept writing the phrase from the centre of a circle and just kept going and going, around and around. In the end I decided to add some collage detail and write the phrase one more time. 4412CB23-9DDF-458F-B59C-F752A23C0355_1_201_a

365 Days of Art – Collage – Day 12

…..thanks to Jill Kuhn who introduced me to The Collage Workbook

After reading Jill’s post today I was inspired to make some 5 minute collages. This is the first assignment in the The Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman. I’ve ordered the book and hope to work on my collage skills.

Here are four 5-minute collages.


29 Faces Challenge – Day 12

….struggling to get the proportions right

It’s late and I should really start these drawings earlier in the evening. I’m not sure why I don’t erase mistakes. Somewhere in my past I was told to never erase, just keep going but I think it’s time to find my kneadable eraser and start correcting things as I go.