Abstract Painting With Karin Husty

….beginning with exercise painting using mixed media

My first painting was my name collage where I used collaged papers, acrylic paint, art Graf and white ink. For my second exercise piece I laid down colour blobs instead of paper to start my piece and then drew in random lines with my graphite crayon. I layered in more colour, using mostly Payne’s Grey, Azo orange and white. I dabbed on some cyan acrylic ink and stencilled in some dots and circles. Towards the end I scribbled random text over the entire piece using a 4B pencil and added some dark grey and highlights of white to complete the piece. Not sure that this is done. The next lesson will determine where I go with this.


29 Faces Challenge – Day 12

….struggling to get the proportions right

It’s late and I should really start these drawings earlier in the evening. I’m not sure why I don’t erase mistakes. Somewhere in my past I was told to never erase, just keep going but I think it’s time to find my kneadable eraser and start correcting things as I go.