Last Day for Square Perspective

…thanks to Becky B for doing an excellent job hosting Square Perspective

If you missed any of Becky’s photos you can see all of them in today’s post.

Here’s my contribution for today. I couldn’t pick just one so here are my final entries.

What’s he thinking?…..”Maybe if I sit here long enough they won’t notice me”


Is it real or fake?

Fading into the distance.

Waiting for riders

A new meaning to ‘boots on the ground’.7-ACE3-BF6-4283-43-EF-BEEA-20043-A42-C14-D

Signs, Signs Everywhere

….on day 30 I’m posting large signs, rectangular signs, round signs, small signs….all intended to keep us safe

Thanks to Becky B for hosting Square Perspective

Are people paying attention? Most of them do but some just don’t care or at least that’s my perspective on the situation.


Day 28 – An Illusion

…thanks Becky for hosting Square Perspective

I have to admit that I copied this idea. If you think that the first photo looks like I put two photos side by side then I accomplished my goal.


Day 24 – Fenced In

thanks to Becky B for hosting Square Perspective

Hard to imagine that large machinery like this needs protection from thieves but apparently it’s quite common for machines this size and bigger to just disappear off construction sites. I suppose it also keeps the curious from climbing on board and potentially harming themselves. What’s your perspective on this?