Friendly Friday Challenge – Special Treats

...thanks to Sandy this week for hosting the Friendly Friday Challenge

I have quite the sweet tooth but mostly for cookies or cakes. I’ve never been one for candy, other than chocolate. My husband also has a sweet tooth and he has asked me not to bring any sweets into the house for awhile. If I have one cookie he’ll eat three.

For the challenge this week I’ve gone back into the archives to search for special treats. I soon discovered that not all yummy pleasures have to be made with sugar. Fresh strawberries and homemade pizza are always special in our house.

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Persian Breakfast

….celebrating my oldest daughter’s birthday


My daughter, A was away on her birthday last week, touring wine country in Prince Edward County. She did, however, want to celebrate with the family and she expressed an interest in having  brunch at a very trendy Persian restaurant in the west end of Toronto. Tavoos doesn’t take reservations so they suggested that we arrive at 10:00 when the restaurant opened on Sunday so that we wouldn’t have to wait.


My sister was in town on the same day and she was hoping to spend some time with me so we invited her to join us at the restaurant. In total there were six of us in attendance. Arriving early turned out to be a very good idea because when we left the line-up went out the door.

This unique little restaurant is located on College Street just west of Dufferin. When you walk in you are greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere with a very Persian decor. There are a couple of areas  that are covered with exotic carpets and cushions and you can enjoy your meal sitting cross legged on the floor. Luckily, A requested the small room at the back of the restaurant with regular tables and chairs. I’m not so sure I could get up gracefully from the floor after sitting for any length of time. P1030698 P1030697

The menu offered some very unusual breakfast selections. One of them was a soup made with a goats head and hoofs. We all passed on that item. A ordered the porridge with lamb which was quite delicious and surprisingly sweet. My sister played it safe and ordered a Mediterranean salad and the rest of us had Persian egg dishes. Traditionally the dishes are baked with the eggs sunny-side up on a spinach or onion potato base. With coffee and or tea and tip the total cost came in under $65.00 for our party of six. Pretty good for the city of Toronto.

After brunch we went back to A and J’s house. My sister hadn’t seen their home and it gave us more time together. Of course there was birthday cake and more coffee. We didn’t need to eat again until dinner time. P1030703 P1030707

My sister with 'my three girls'.

My sister with ‘my three girls’.