Day 24 – Fenced In

thanks to Becky B for hostingĀ Square Perspective

Hard to imagine that large machinery like this needs protection from thieves but apparently it’s quite common for machines this size and bigger to just disappear off construction sites. I suppose it also keeps the curious from climbing on board and potentially harming themselves. What’s your perspective on this?


365 Days of Art – Day 24

…..spent most of the day on the road and in Collingwood

My husband had a meeting with clients in Collingwood today so I decided to accompany him on the trip. While he was with his clients I spent time walking up and down the Main Street of Collingwood, taking photographs and checking out some of the stores. After awhile I stepped into a lovely little coffee shop and treated myself to a flat white. I had to ask what it was and it sounded interesting so I ordered it. Delicious!


I brought my sketch book with me and some markers. It was the perfect place to practise my one-liners. Carla Sonheim wanted us to make several one-liners of birds, cats, potted plants or flowers, shoes and houses. For those of you unfamiliar with one-liners, you literally draw an object without taking the pen off the paper until you’ve finished the drawing. It should be loose and free flowing. They’re fun to do but sometimes a bit frustrating. My favourite are the flowers and houses. Here are a few pages that I worked on in the cafe.


365 Days of Art – Geometric Doodle

….day 24

I went back to Creative Bug and decided to attempt another pattern done in watercolour. This one was pretty open ended. Lisa Congdon encouraged us to try and not copy her piece but come up with our own colours and shapes. I think I’d like to try this with acrylics next time or maybe even do one in collage.