A Patchwork of Flowers – Day 73

…..365 Days of Art is moving forward

I get my inspiration from many different places. I’m inspired by all the artists that I follow on WordPress, by numerous on-line class instructors like Carla Sonheim and all the teachers at Creative Bug and finally from books.

Today’s inspiration came from Pam Garrison over at Creative Bug. The first step is to choose three colours of markers and create a rough patchwork of squares and /or rectangles. After that start drawing with a black fine tip marker different flowers for each section. You can use imaginary flowers or actual flowers or a combination of both.


365 Days of Art – Days 27 and 28

….finishing with my renovation and painting beets

One of the things that I needed to do was finish putting together my set of drawers for all my art papers and art pads, palettes, plexiglass pieces, paper trimmers, assorted papers and magazines for collage and the 101 bits and pieces of stuff that I have collected over the years for my art. So one of my art days was taken up with assembling the drawers and organizing my materials.

Once that was done I was able to sit down and paint another pattern from Lisa Congdon’s class over at Creative Bug. This one is a pattern of beets. On the weekend I finally purchased a set of gouache paints. They’re a little more opaque than watercolours. These patterns aren’t as easy as Lisa makes them look. I definitely need more practice.


365 Days of Art – Geometric Doodle

….day 24

I went back to Creative Bug and decided to attempt another pattern done in watercolour. This one was pretty open ended. Lisa Congdon encouraged us to try and not copy her piece but come up with our own colours and shapes. I think I’d like to try this with acrylics next time or maybe even do one in collage.


365 Days of Art – Days 14 and 15

….still getting inspiration from Lisa Congdon on Creative Bug

Days 14 and 15 are patterns with watercolour. The first is nautical flags. Not my favourite to date but a good exercise in painting geometric shapes freehand. The second one is a bold floral was more fun to do. I wouldn’t mind playing around with this one by trying it with different shapes and colours.


365 Days of Art – Day 13

…..more patterns from Creative Bug

This latest pattern that I worked on from Lisa Congdon’s daily videos was the Matisse pattern of fern leaves. The recommendation was to use gauche paints but at the moment I don’t have any here at home. I think I left the ones that I have up at the cottage which is probably not a good thing because they will probably freeze over the winter. In fact, they are probably frozen solid already.

I used watercolours but I can see why she recommends gouache. Watercolours are very translucent where the gouache paints are much more opaque.


365 Days of Art – Mostly Red

…..day 10…playing with patterns

I’ve subscribed to Creative Bug for a few years now and I love the variety of classes you can take. There are knitting, quilting, watercolour, acrylic, sketching, photography, weaving and sewing classes, just to name a few. You can try it out for free and if you like it you can subscribe for about $6.00 a month. Classes that you really like you can hold in your own personal library to pull up whenever you want.

The latest class that I’m following is demonstrated by Lisa Congdon and I love her work. Every day for a month she is filming a video challenge on pattern drawing using watercolours or gauche. Yesterday I worked on a chevron pattern and a harlequin pattern.