365 Days of Art – Days 27 and 28

….finishing with my renovation and painting beets

One of the things that I needed to do was finish putting together my set of drawers for all my art papers and art pads, palettes, plexiglass pieces, paper trimmers, assorted papers and magazines for collage and the 101 bits and pieces of stuff that I have collected over the years for my art. So one of my art days was taken up with assembling the drawers and organizing my materials.

Once that was done I was able to sit down and paint another pattern from Lisa Congdon’s class over at Creative Bug. This one is a pattern of beets. On the weekend I finally purchased a set of gouache paints. They’re a little more opaque than watercolours. These patterns aren’t as easy as Lisa makes them look. I definitely need more practice.


4 thoughts on “365 Days of Art – Days 27 and 28

  1. Hi Carol, where did you find the drawers for your art papers? I am looking for something like them. Gouache takes a little getting use to – I think your beets look wonderful! 💕❤️


    • I found that at IKEA in the office section. I couldn’t believe my luck because I’d been looking for awhile for just that thing. Carla’s husband Steve put together an amazing shelving unit from IKEA that’s all drawers but it’s massive. She featured it awhile back on one of her videos.

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