Meet Willabee Waspnest

….another Wacky Bird Wednesday

Seriously that’s his name. Our avian hump day friend is an early riser. It takes him a while to get that hair just right. Doesn’t Winnie come up with the best names?


Home for the Neighbourhood Critters

….thanks to Becky B for hosting Tree Square in July

Trees provide us with shade, oxygen, lumber, food and shelter for the critters of the world, including insects, birds and a variety of tree mammals.

Here in the city trees like the one below have been home to numerous racoon families in the past. I haven’t seen any in the tree this year but they are definitely around. We were sitting on our deck a couple of days ago when we noticed a family coming out of the roof of my neighbours garage. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera in hand so I wasn’t able to document the event.


Day 28 – An Illusion

…thanks Becky for hosting¬†Square Perspective

I have to admit that I copied this idea. If you think that the first photo looks like I put two photos side by side then I accomplished my goal.


Thursday Doors – July 28th (posted July 30)

….church doors in Italy were a photographer’s dream

Every large city in Italy seems to have a Duomo or cathedral. These two doors are from the Duomo in Florence.


Thursday Doors is hosted by Norm 2.0