Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Road

thanks to Cee for hosting the Black and White Photo Challenge https://ceenphotography.com/2022/10/27/cbwc-roads/

I’m taking you from the wet streets of Paris, the back alleys of London to city park roads of Toronto.


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Room With a View

….thanks to Sue W and GC for hosting Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge https://weeklyprompts.com/2022/10/05/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-room-with-a-view/

Last spring while travelling in France and London, England we had multiple rooms with spectacular views.

View from our hotel room In Paris
View from a window in the Louvre overlooking the courtyard
View from our apartment in Tours, France
View from the second floor of the Musée Beaux Arts de Tours, France
View from the train of the Loire Valley
View from the Royal Chateau de Blois in France
View from our son’s flat in London, England

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Mini

….thanks to GC for hosting this week’s Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge https://weeklyprompts.com/2022/08/24/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-mini/

Wall of mini paintings, Paris, France
Mini carrousel in Tours, France
Mini Tourists looking at the Miniature replicas of architecture in Tours, France
Mini Burgers of Foie Gras, Tours, France
Mini Museum at Curve Gardens, London, UK
Mini Iris
Mini ladybug
Mini pine cones

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Column

thanks to Bushboy for hosting RDP https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2022/07/28/ragtag-daily-prompt-thursday-column/

I had to go into the archives for these photos.

Bologna, Italy
Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy
Trafalgar Square, London, England
Toronto Power Generating Station, Niagara Falls, ON
High Park, Toronto
Brock Monument, Niagara Falls,ON
University of Guelph, ON
Paris, France
British Museum, London
Door in Islington/Highbury, London

Doors of Paris

….thanks to be Dan for hosting Thursday Doors https://nofacilities.com/2022/04/14/entering-silk-city/

Paris is a city rich in history and interesting architecture. Not only are the doors on some of the iconic churches and museums interesting but everyday homes and businesses have beautiful and sometimes unusual entry ways.

Museum Trios in France – April 14, 2022

….trios from the Louvre

A trio of decorative plates
A trio of seats
A trio of vessels

If you have any trios to share why not join the fun. Copy my link and paste it into your post. When I get your ping back I’ll be sure to comment on your contribution to Thursday Trios.

The Monsieur Rose at the Bon Marché

…..by artist Philippe Katherine

On a recent trip to the Bon Marché in Paris we were delighted to come across a larger than life art exhibit of large pink characters suspended high above the atrium or hanging onto the railings or standing on the floor waiting for shoppers to pose for photos.

Inside the store there was also a special gallery set aside for more of Philippe’s work.

To See or Not to See

…..at what cost would you see the Mona Lisa?

We’ve all seen pictures, videos and documentaries of the Mona Lisa. You may have read books about that mysterious smile or where the art piece itself is central to the storyline.

I’ve heard over and over again how small the painting is in real life and yet when I actually saw it I felt it was larger than I had imagined. Was it worth the long line-ups, the crowds and the close proximity to so many people during a pandemic?

I am not sorry that I saw her up close, well at least as close as you are allowed to be. I stood in line with our son but my husband didn’t. He saw the painting from the back of the room. What I am sorry for is all the art that I didn’t get to see or spend time with, as we hurried along the u-shaped galleries to get to the room where the Mona Lisa hung. I knew we were getting closer when the crowds got denser.

There is so much to see at the Louvre that you need more than one 90 minute slot. We were there at the end of the day and leaving Paris the next morning. Here are a few other art pieces that we managed to see.

Monday Windows in Paris

…..from the library at the University of Paris

An art nouveau design by Eugène Bigot constructed in 1927. Ian Nairn describes it like this: “It is like a brick balloon inflated to its limit with an unquenchable puff…”

Thanks to Ludwig Keck for hosting Monday Windows. https://mondaywindow.wordpress.com/2022/04/04/monday-window-april-4-2022/