Sunday Trees – May 15, 2022

….unusual trees that I saw in Amboise but very common throughout Europe

This is a form of pruning deciduous trees called Pollarding. It prevents the trees from becoming too large and gangly. It is considered a severe form of pruning and does not work on all trees.


Sunday Tree – The Biggest Tree I’ve Ever Seen

….I know there are bigger trees in the world

This Lebanese pine is growing in the middle of the city in Tours, France. It sits on the grounds of the Musée des Beaux Arts. It is so large that some of the lower branches have to be held up with upright logs that have been secured to the ground.

Sunday Trees From Paris

…..April 10, 2022

From the Rue de Furstemberg. Described by Henry Miller as jolly in the summer and more malevolent than in winter ……”the black tree-trunks glinting in the rain and the candelabrum presiding in a sinister way Ike an evil dwarf”.