Roda’s Critter Connection- March 26, 2018

….thanks to Roda for hosting Roda’s Critter Connection

This is another frog from the exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens. It is an African bullfrog. It may not be apparent from the photo but this beauty is about the size of a dinner plate.


Roda’s Critter Connection – More Frogs

…thanks to Roda for hosting the Critter Connection

Let me introduce the Amazon milk frog. You have to look carefully because they really do blend into the background with their milky complexion.


WPC – Hunting for Gnomes

…..this week’s theme for WordPress’ Photo Challenge is story

Photos tell a story all on their own. Today we visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington and we walked through an outdoor area that my granddaughter loves to explore in hopes of finding gnomes.