Walking at Night – November 29, 2022

….darkness comes upon us as early as 5:00 and the days continue to get shorter every day

When I talk about walking at night, it’s more like late afternoon but it’s dark enough for the Christmas lights to come on. Today I received my new iPhone and I wanted to test out the camera. It has a few more features than my last phone but it will probably take me awhile to figure them out.


Thanks to Becky B for hosting walking squares. Hard to believe that there is only one more day left in this challenge. https://beckybofwinchester.com/2022/11/29/walking-squares-29/

Thursday Doors – More From London

….thanks to Norm for hosting Thursday Doors

All these doors are in the South Kensington area of London. The Queens Gate Lodge was owned by the Museum of Natural History and was built in 1883 to accommodate an engineer and messenger who worked at the museum. This tiny 2-bedroom house sits in Hyde Park just inside the Queen’s Gate and can be yours for a mere 6 706 000 pounds. When I first saw the sign at the gate to the house I actually thought that it belonged to the Queen. It wasn’t till I returned home and started to research the place that I discovered that the place was named after the famous gate that leads into the park and has nothing to do with Her Majesty.