Thursday Trios – First Trios of 2022

after a trip to the ROM I was delighted to find these trios

A Trio of Toy Teacups
A Display of COVID Masks
Bonus – three t-shirts that my daughter in New Brunswick made for Winnie

If you have any photos of trios, why not join the fun and post some on your blog. Copy my link and post it into your blog and I will get a pingback. I promise I will get back to you. Apologies to those who posted over the holidays. I’ve been very busy with family and have not been on the computer as much as I normally am. I’ll get to your comments shortly. Happy New Year, everyone.

Pull Up a Seat at the ROM With Sevin

….thanks to XingFu Mama for hosting Pull Up a Seat

Last week my son and I, along with my granddaughter took a car ride to the Royal Ontario Museum. My son really wanted to see the Photography exhibit and I knew that Sevin would be less than impressed. I was, however quite surprised when I saw how easily she amused herself. It wasn’t the photos that caught her attention but the chairs that were placed throughout the exhibit.


Back to Painting – January 6, 2021

….a little drawing, some colouring and back to watercolours

After making my line drawing yesterday I was in the mood to get out the watercolours and ink and make another abstract floral on paper. I do get a lot of satisfaction from this style of art and will probably make more.


Orange Blooms

365 Days of Art – Day 6

…’s prompt was Blind Fruited

Carla Sonheim always comes up with interesting assignments. Instead of drawing a piece of fruit without looking at the paper (blind contour drawing), Carla wanted the fruit to be blindfolded. Here’s my blind apple. Enjoy!


Oops, I dated this incorrectly. He should be Jan 6, 2018. I changed it on the original.