365 Days of Art – Yellow

….day 90

A few days ago Carla Sonheim posted a prompt. It was a quote from the artist Pierre Bonnard. I have to admit that I had never heard of him before but he managed to make a living from his art in the early 1900s right up to the 1940s while living in France.

The quote was “One cannot have too much yellow”.

I decided to take a page of one-liner drawings and add some colour with paint and collage. I painted the background with yellow watercolours and then I cut up paper to add texture and visual interest to the flowers. After that I took markers and conte pencils and added more lines and squiggly detail.IMG_1448

4 thoughts on “365 Days of Art – Yellow

    • Bonnard was one of those painters whose work was a bit of ‘find the figure’. His works were a mix of colour and pattern in which you had to look closely to discover the figure. I remember one in particulr with a woman lying down (can’t remember whether in bed or bath or somewhere else) and each time I saw the work it brought to mind a tin of sardines as the figure was so closely packed into the patterns of the rest of the painting. As for the yellow… Can’t remember his using excessive amounts of it. Van Gogh used a lot of strong yellows – the reason he dislike gold frames for his works as he said the gold killed the yellow.

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