A Week of Art

….. I didn’t do much else but I did  fill up one sketch book and am pretty close to filling a second one

Please don’t think that I filled up two new sketchbooks. My goal is to go back to older books and fill in the empty pages. The first book that I filled up was a small book to begin with and had only 8 pages left in it. On three of those pages I made journal notes.

In my second sketchbook, I’ve done more doodles, line drawings and portrait sketches.

Even though I’m on holidays my mind is never far from my next lesson at school. Before the break I started teaching the children how to make a simple 3D house out of paper. After folding the paper the children were encouraged to draw windows, doors, lights, numbers and any other details they wanted on their house. The last step is to apply watercolour and add more black line detail. While home I decided to finish the front and two sides of my sample.

So that was pretty much my week. Today we’re going to see the travel agent and book our flights to Italy this summer. So exciting!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “A Week of Art

  1. That 3-D house is wonderful. So creative and colourful. The cat in the window is a cute touch. What an interesting lesson for the children you are teaching. Loved your post!


  2. Hi Carol, I do the same, I don’t like to leave blank pages on my journals and in any kind of notebook, I always fill up them, feels like job done. Love the house, it’s so colourful and cozy! Italy! For sure a place to go!


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