New Flower (February 26, 2023) – Giant Bird of Paradise

much less common and far bigger than normal Birds of Paradise

Found this beauty at the Centennial Park Conservatory. The horticulturists had to clear away a lot of the surrounding foliage so that you could see this rare plant. It’s not as colourful as Birds of Paradise that we’re used to seeing in bouquets but it’s about 4 times bigger.


One Word Sunday – Hand(made)

thanks to Debbie from Travel With Intent for hosting One Word Sunday

I love to make things and because I use my hands they are classified as handmade. I frequently show my art but never my hands. Here are a few pieces where you can catch a glimpse of my hands. The envelope is a Turkish fold and is wonderful for messages and coupons. I gave this to a friend recently for her birthday with coupons to redeem for a girl’s lunch and visit to the art gallery or museum. The second handmade item is the art journal that I’ve shown here before. So much fun to make and helps me warm up for making larger pieces of art.


Sculpture Saturday – February 26, 2022

This cute little sculpture sits outside the Welcome Centre at Humber College, South Campus. It is in honour of the residents who lived in the buildings when they were part of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

When the hospital opened in the late 1800s, it was considered a progressive institution; patients actively tended the grounds, worked on an on-site farm and assisted in operating the facility. The apple orchard that lines the path to the A and B buildings is lasting evidence of the patients’ work.

The hospital closed in 1979 and when Humber College signed a 99 year lease they agreed to preserve the grounds and the buildings. The old buildings were restored to their original beauty and turned into classrooms and administrative offices.


A Trio of Odd Numbers – Square Odds, February 26, 2022

thanks to Becky B for hosting Square Odds this February,

It’s not hard to find an odd number because half the numbers in the world are odd (not divisible by 2) but find an odd number that is made up of only odd numbers is a different story.


Funky Frog Friday – February 26, 2021

….Tonguely is trying to portray a more angelic look

Has Tonguely turned a new ‘lily pad’ or is he the same Tonguely that we witnessed last week? Someone suggested that he may be the Eddie Haskel of frogs….turning on the charm to impress the parents. What do you make of his new look?