Whimsical and Fun Sculptures from France

….thanks to Sami for hosting Saturday Sculptures and Marsha for hosting Photographing Public Art https://alwayswrite.blog/2022/05/20/ppac-47/

In front of the McDonald’s In Tours, France
Fritz the Elephant at the Beaux de Arts in Tours
In the town square in Amboise
In the courtyard, next to the Royal Chateau Bois

Gargoyles in France

…..they’re everywhere…..on and in churches and castles

Did you know that gargoyles are more than decorative motifs on the sides of buildings? Most serve a very practical function.

Gargoyles are designed to allow rainwater to run off from the roof, usually through the mouth of the creature, man or animal that it is fashioned after. They were the precursor to gutters and rain spouts.

Historians also say that gargoyles were designed to protect a location and the people therein from negativity and unwanted spirits.

From the Cathedral in Tours
From the Château Royal in Amboise
From the Château in Blois

Lens Artist Challenge – Bokeh

…..thanks to Lens Artist Challenge for the Bokeh challenge https://photographias.wordpress.com/2022/04/09/lens-artists-challenge-bokeh/

Bokeh means blurring and a photo with the main subject in focus and the background blurred is an example of Bokeh.

Today I practised this technique at the gardens of the Chateau Royal in Amboise.