Thursday Trios – Flowers, Birds and My Favourite Selfie

…..the selfie is with my daughter and daughter-in-law


If you have photos of trios why not join the fun and post them. Copy my link and paste it into your post and I will get a ping back.

A Bright Idea in the Park

….thanks to Becky B for hosting BrightSquare this month

Since I missed yesterday I have two for today.

Camping in the local parks is prohibited but these girls were merely sheltering themselves from the cold wind coming off the lake. I knew there were girls in the tent from from all the chatter and giggles I heard as I walked by with my dog.


Seeing this swarm of seagulls over that bright blue water of Lake Ontario was a bright spot in my day.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

….this week’s WP photo challenge involves motion

My photos for this challenge include Lucy running towards us, a swan stretching his wings, a ride in mid-air at the CNE, a wind surfer, a young boy skipping a stone while his father fishes and seagulls scrambling for bits of food.

Snakes, Seagulls, Surf, Sunsets and Scrabble

…. I didn’t intend to create an alliteration when I took these photos

This week at the cottage I was presented with some interesting moments for taking pictures. The first happened when my friend D was leaving my place and noticed a garter snake slithering along the ground at the bottom of the deck stairs. She suggested that photos of this little guy might make an interesting contribution to my blog. Check him out!

The next day the winds came up and we were treated to huge and powerful waves on the the bay.

Later that evening, the wind died down and as I was walking along the beach I witnessed this beautiful sunset.

One of my favourite games to play at the cottage is good old fashion Scrabble. I have to admit that I wasn’t very good at it the first few times I played it but my good friend D gave me a few pointers (which I’m sure she’s regretting) and I’ve been on a bit of a winning streak. Notice the word ‘zooid’. A good one to remember. 

Oops! I guess the word ‘zooid’ was on the previous board. Anyway it’s a biological term meaning ‘a cell capable of spontaneous movement’. The word on this board that may be new to you is ‘natron’, meaning ‘a mineral, hydrated sodium carbonate’.

The picture below is of me and my Scrabble buddies, D and her daughter, Dy.

You can thank your lucky STARS that it was overcast last night so that I wasn’t able to take pictures of the night SKY and that I wasn’t interested in taking pictures of the SHOWERS today. Maybe next time. I’m home for a few days. I’ll post my weight loss progress tomorrow. TTFN