Crazy Hats, Wacky Welcome Mats and Fun Birdhouses

….all this and more at Canada Blooms

It was fun walking around the flower show. There were lots of unexpected displays like these unusual hats.P1070531

I think my favourite display apart from the flowers themselves were these cute birdhouses.P1070533
When I hear the term welcome mat I always picture something at your front door that you actually step on as you cross the threshold. These beauties clearly were not designed to be stepped on.IMG-1424

Labour Day – The End of Summer?

….I think not

For many Labour Day signals the end of summer; children return to school, cottages are frequented less often, new TV seasons begin, fall classes are opening up and the days are becoming shorter. The weather, however, is anything but fall like. In fact, we’ve been experiencing very hot and humid conditions. I feel sorry for the teachers and students who returned to school this week without the benefit of air conditioning (most schools here don’t have it).

Traditionally the Labour Day is the final day of the CNE and the last day of the Air Show. I attended the CNE on opening day and I watched the Air Show from the park at the end of my street, along with dozens of people from the community. It wasn’t the best day to watch it but I had been at the cottage for most of the 4 day show.

Here are some photos from the last official weekend of summer (maybe not official, summer doesn’t end till Sept 21) from the cottage and the Air Show.