Fed Up…..

….with all the folks trying to feed him from their hands

This little guy decided to go back to chewing on bark rather than approach the kids trying to feed him from their hands.

Day 20 of Becky B’s January Squares https://beckybofwinchester.com/2021/01/20/square-up-20/


A Backyard Visitor

an opportunity to pull out the ‘zoom’ lens

As you know from previous posts I’ve inherited a zoom lens that I’ve been dying to use on wildlife. My moon photos were a complete bust but I’ll try again when the weather isn’t quite so frigid.

A few days ago, before the snow storm hit, a squirrel was darting around on my deck looking for water. I grabbed my camera and started shooting through the glass of the patio doors. The first few had too much glare because I was shooting at an angle. Then I was able to get a shot straight on and it made a big difference. I wanted to say ‘huge’ but I’m trying to avoid that word as much as possible.

I was hoping to open the doors so that I could get a shot that didn’t happen through a glass window (a dirty on at that) but as soon as I did that the squirrel took off and look who showed up (3rd photo). If the squirrel hadn’t run away when I opened the door , Frances’ presence would have scared him off for sure.


Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way!

….lesson learned by watching a squirrel

I’ve learned a lot on my weight loss journey and I continue to learn. The difference on this journey is two fold. First there’s a ‘will’ or stick-to-itiveness that I’ve never experienced before and secondly I’m baring my soul and putting myself out there on this blog. I think the second reason is why I’m experiencing the will power to follow through.

Today in the garden we were watching a very creative squirrel trying to retrieve food from the bird feeder. This little guy was determined to find a way to get at that bird seed. He eventually found a way and met his goal. Like the squirrel, I’m determined to meet my goal and despite some trials and tribulations I will get there.

All the following photos were taken by my cousin, PW, with his Canon Power Shot SX40.