Lens Artist Photo Challenge – Summer

….thanks to Amy for hosting this week’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge

Summer is different this year. So far I’ve spent all of it in the city. I miss the Island and hope to get up there soon.

Even lawn bowling looks different this year.80-DB252-E-02-B0-46-E6-B680-9-FB56-FE069-E4

Swimming off the shores of Lake Ontario in Toronto

Growing vegetables in our backyard gardenF6-BFC0-ED-1394-4-D51-8307-78-BC2-C2-ADBB2

Farmers’ Markets have opened again

Enjoying a meal on the deck in the backyard.

Sunny and Warmer

…. it seems like everybody around the world is commenting on the unusual weather

Yesterday was the first day that we ventured out onto the deck to enjoy the sun after our delicious Easter lunch. We decided to do dessert and coffee outside. As you can see from the photographs the temperature wasn’t all that warm and we donned our coats, vests and sweaters but the sun felt good on our faces as we tried to absorb some of that natural vitamin D.


Yesterday we also skyped our son in Rotterdam and spoke with him for a good 30 minutes or more. It was a video call so we showed him the table setting, and the food as it was coming out of the oven and he showed us the new blinds he put up in his apartment and then he went out onto his mini balcony and showed us his view of the street. Isn’t technology wonderful?

One of the things that B mentioned was the bitter cold they were experiencing and how the winds were relentless all week in the Netherlands. My cousin in Germany also told me about the unusual amount of snow they were getting for this time of year and my blogging friends in Dublin and Prenzlau also commented on the cold, snow and wind. None of this is that unusual for those of us that live in Canada or the NE sections of the U.S.A. but in Europe it’s a big deal because they’re usually well into spring by now with the flowers blooming everywhere.

And speaking about blooming, the mini daffodils that I bought for the table started to open today. I think one of my favourite things about Easter is the selection of all the wonderful flowers that you can purchase from the market this time of year. I treated myself to more tulips today.

P1000823 P1000836 P1000838 P1000839

When the tulips open up they should be a beautiful pink colour. The only other thing that would make this scenario perfect would be the addition of some pussy willows. I’m on a mission. Till tomorrow. Enjoy the day, wherever you are, regardless of the weather.