Adding Some Colour – Day 67

……experimenting with watercolour

Sometimes I’m not sure whether I should add colour to my sketches or not. This evening I took a chance and put some colour into my daffodils. Do you have a preference? Leave the sketch as is or add colour? I’m thinking of adding colour to the bouquet that I did here.


New Flowers ( May 17, 2015) – Daffodils

….all winter I’ve been looking forward to my daffodils popping up in my garden

Okay so what happened? It’s the long weekend in May and not one daffodil in my garden has bloomed. My neighbour to the south of me has had daffodils for weeks now. Several weeks ago I took this picture of her daffodils through our hedge.


Today I spent hours in the garden and I noticed that my neighbour, N, has more beautiful daffodils along the far edge of her garden. Since we’re looking out for her place while she’s away for the weekend I took the liberty of taking some photo of her beautiful flowers. I’m sure she won’t mind.

IMG_4792 IMG_4789