Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Bored

thanks to Sue W. and GC for hosting Weekly Prompts https://weeklyprompts.com/2023/01/18/weekly-prompts-wednesday-challenge-bored/

How does one convey bored in a photograph? Is it someone napping in the middle of the day, a grim look on a child’s face or the sad look in an animal’s eyes?

It’s hard to see what someone is feeling in a photo unless you use your imagination.

Help, I want to be anywhere but here……
I’m so bored I’m going cross-eyed
No Papa, I don’t want to look at anymore paintings…..
Waiting for his turn at the feeder….hurry up before I fall asleep
Why are all these people looking at me?
It’s hard to tell with Olive from the look on her face
I know you’d rather be roaming free in the park
Probably more tired than bored

College Royal is Back

….not as big as in years past but open non the less

In the past College Royal has attracted up to 30 000 visitors but in the last two years it was mostly virtual and this year it was limited to staff, students and family members. It was much smaller in size but we enjoyed our two days of exploring the campus, speaking to the exhibitors, learning new things, watching the dog show and walking through the barns.

If you had any doubts as to the what the University of Guelph is all about, College Royal highlighted the agricultural, veterinary and animal and food sciences. As a graduate of U of G I can tell you that there is much more to this university, i.e., Family and Child Studies, The Arts, Biomedical studies, Business and Economics, Athletics, Human Kinetics, etc.. Hopefully in future years College Royal will be back to hosting more clubs, more of the arts, fashion shows and will have more hands on activities and bring back the milkshakes.

Three Generations of Guelph students, past and present

TGIFFF – Tonguely Stole a Tractor

….March 25, 2022

Last weekend we were worried that Tonguely might get into some more trouble at College Royal at the University of Guelph. Well we were right. After making a few new friends he managed to go joy riding in a tractor.

College Royal and Tonguely

Tonguely’s been MIA for awhile on this blog

This weekend is the annual College Royal Open House at the University of Guelph. This is where my husband, Kevin and I first met. I was a student and he was visiting a friend who lived next door to me. We hooked up pretty quickly and he enrolled in the university the following semester. College Royal was always one of our favourite activities. We both belonged to a drama club, Curtain Call, that put on student written and produced shows every year during College Royal. Every year Collage Royal attracts about 30 000 visitors. https://www.collegeroyalsociety.com/

Now, as for Tonguely he seems to be missing. We’re pretty sure he wants to be there. Hope he’s not getting into any trouble.


Tonguely is on Vacation

……This TGIFFF is a bit of a departure. Tonguely is on holiday but our new friends have stuck around. They want to give a big shout out to the donors and student volunteers at the #UofG blood drive.


Sunday Trees – The Guelph Arboretum

….after this trip to the Arboretum I’ll have lots of future posts

Looking at it from the inside after climbing through the outer branches….even the sign was hidden